“Kiddo” is the new single from Nahaze.

“Kiddo” is Nahaze’s new single coming back to take it all back like Beatrix Kiddo Tarantino.

Nahaze publishes a video clip for his new single “Baby” and embodies the alter ego Beatrice Kiddoprotagonist of a cinematic masterpiece Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill. The first frames of the video clip fly over a dark and lifeless cemetery until they enter the dungeon, in an unexpectedly alive dimension, with Nahaze enraged and driven into a wooden coffin, which she fearlessly smashes: “Buried alive by my love / I deserve better / I’m knocking on the box with my sole / I’ll split the wood too. Armed with a katana and a gaze total yellow, Nahaze tells in his poems and images the video clip of the director vision and methe risks and toxicity of relationships built on possession, selfishness, and emotional dependency.
A song in which the sensual rhythms and bloody and morbid elements typical of Mediterranean music passionately mix the genre of flamenco and taranta with pop music, combining in accordance with the cultural and pedagogical content of this song.

“Kiddo was born out of the need to give strength to anyone in a toxic relationship so they can get out of it, because love is anything but that.”

says Nahase.

An important debut Nahaze, discovered Manager Angelo Calculli who immediately believed in it, struck by the passage “Music Box”. With this single in collaboration with Achilles Lauro AND Boss DomsReally Nahaze immediately rose to the top of the charts: under no. 2 viral Spotify, numbered. 2 on Shazam, top 50 on Spotify, top 20 on radio charts, over 12 million plays, 7 million views on YouTube. These are just some of the numbers of successes that immediately captivated audiences and critics. and what allowed him to recognize by all industry experts as a true revelation of 2019-2020, as well as compared to world-famous artists such as Billie Eilish.


Nahaze alias Natalie Hazel Intelligente, born in 2001, was born and raised in Matera but has English ancestry in her blood. Her stage name comes from an amalgamation of Natalie, her first name, with Hazel, her middle name, the same as her maternal grandmother. V December 2019 publish “Music Box”a song that boasts a collaboration Achilles Lauro AND Boss Doms and who gets the certificate golden record.
Perfect knowledge of Italian and English allows her to write and sing songs that perfectly combine the two languages. This is the case with “Spent”second single released on May 2020 where references to English colors and atmosphere are obvious, and “Futures”the third single released in July 2020, made in collaboration with the production trio free monkeys. At the same time, he takes the first stages: he performs live at “DJ on stage”To “Radio Bruno Summer 2020” and opens the concert Achille Lauro and Magna Grecia Orchestra in Tarentum (Meditation Festival). In October 2020, the singles “Freaks” AND “Controlselected for the soundtrack of the hit TV series Baby 3, an original production by Netflix Italia. In the same year the house Emporio Armani he chooses her among the protagonists of the video “Building Dialogues”: stories of Emporio Armani men’s and women’s collections spring-summer 2021.

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