Kiernan Shipka and adolescence being famous


The price of fame can sometimes be very high is something that we are all clear. Social pressure, pressure, professional, persecution, lack of sleep… Almost every day we have statements of people who belong to the world of the show that remind us that is not gold all that glitters. When they are children who must face this, it gives a little more fear. And this question has wanted to talk Kiernan Shipka in his last interview.

Kiernan Shipka is starring in the latest uk edition of ‘Glamour’, and is also the protagonist of ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina‘ a review of the history of one of the witches more popular all over the world. We can see it on Netflix, and is already available its second season after the first was a success.

At just 19 years old, Kiernan Shipka is recognized worldwide. Not only for his role in ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’: before, we could already see her in ‘Mad Men’. Kiernan he has spent his adolescence among red carpets, and has a point of view very interesting on this: “growing up, I felt pretty in touch with myself, but if you’re going from red carpet to red carpet, then you need to strive for love and to find the best version of yourself outside of this world of ideals, which are very crazy in many ways”.

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan explains, recalling his role in ‘Mad Men’, that has had a lot of luck: “I was very lucky because I was in an environment that embraced growth and allowed me to discover who I was,” he says.

He has never felt that their childhood or their adolescence were in danger, although it does seem very concerned with staying with the feet on the ground. Years ago, his concern was more of the nature of interpretation: “it was like… oh my God, there was something that I like, because I am too young and there are not too many roles for people of 15 or 16 years that they have quality. That was my concern”.