Kiernan Shipka had to change his appearance to star in ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’


A race which without a doubt will not let you have control of your hair, is to be an actor, and we see this with the actress Kiernan Shipka, who this year plays the witch Sabrina in the series of Netflix ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’, which was released today, October 26,in the famous platform. And she told us in details the whole process, with a recent interview with Glamour.

Kiernan Shipka you are my happy with your great role as the protagonist of the series, which is an adaptation of the previous serious of Sabrina, but a little more dark, with a little more horror added. Kiernan is a great actress, which began as a little girl to act, so that this world of the performance becomes quite placeroso and easy for her. But not everything are flowers, as they for playing Sabrina, the 18-year-old had to sacrifice completely change a look.

The actress Kiernan Shipka as many already know, is blonde since I was born, but a while ago, she decided to change her look dyeing your hair brown, and leaving it a little longer .’I am free of the blonde hair!’ she said, she loved his hair, but his happiness lasted very little because it was ‘forced’ to go back to your color hair blonde and cut it super shortto interpret to the adorable little witch Sabrina.

“I thought if I got the role, I would probably have to dye it, that was good, but after my audition they told me: ‘We need to get you hearing again, and we believe that you need to a blonde hair”. revealed Kiernan.

It was a big sacrifice for the actress, but he did and he felt very good, I knew that would be a amazing paper in their hands and that is what matters most to you. In addition, you will looks super cute with this cut and color hair! And at the end even liked the new cut, as it is quite practical, saving a few more minutes in your beauty routine HEHE.