Kiernan Shipka: “I Could act the rest of my life”


Kiernan Shipka was just nine years old when he received his first prize: a SAG for playing Sally Draper in one of the series most acclaimed of the last decade: “Mad Men”. Your role -a troublesome and ingenious girl who deals with the divorce of their parents – was hailed to become a definitive part of the cast of the production.

After being spotlighted as one of the best actresses of her generation and as a young man he had to pay attention to it by means such as Indie Wire, Kiernan got his first role in “The hidden world of Sabrina” (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), version dark and reinvented in the remembered history of the 90’s, inspired by the comic of the same name.

With 19 years, the challenge to embody the new Sabrina Spellman was a quantum leap and a challenge to a promise as she. In New Woman, we talked with Kiernan Shipka on how he sees the success of the series and the second season to be premiered in April, the challenges of this role, the movement #MeToo and other aspects of his career.

You have only 19 years and have had great achievements. How do you see that success?

–I am very grateful for the roles that I have done, because they have had too much influence in my life. The more far I go my work, the more far away from my daily life goes and I love that.

How did you prepare for playing Sabrina?

–I prepared for about three and a half months, before starting to record a couple of episodes and discover it as a character and person. I think that discovery is really important to complete a paper that you will do for a long time. And, honestly, it was just practice.

Sabrina Melissa Joan Hart meant a lot to the pop culture of the 90’s. Did you feel at some point the pressure to be at his height or me to be like her?

–Not really, to be honest. I feel that the show of the 90’s was very unique and was very valuable for the people. It was very important in his area and it was great. But it is there, it is a knowledge to guide them, but also to improve a show that hopefully also bring interest and happiness to the viewers. But both series are so different that I never felt that pressure, so I try to throw those worries out the window.

What does it mean to Sabrina for you? Do you see yourself reflected in it in some way?

–In some respects it is very different to me. It seems to Me that Sabrina is a girl really interesting and strong, growing up in a world where the innocence with which she grew up was just. And I think that it is a growth experience fairly common, to have those moments that you open the eyes. There are other aspects where it falls has different to my own and, in many ways, is younger than me. We live very different lives. It is very fun, very powerful and I feel that she really is a winner.

Did you expect the success?

–I knew that we had a fanbase waiting, but, still, I was nervous and anxious to see what everybody thought. I am very happy that people like it and I am excited to give people more episodes. In particular, because they are fun!

We know that in the next season, your character will be darker. Do we give them a hint of what is to come?

They come in many scenes. Many events and moments that are really huge.

You had a role in the acclaimed series “Mad Men” when small. What did it mean to you? What did you learn in that moment with your teammates?

–I learned almost everything I know from my work, to be honest. I started when I was six years old and I liked being able to see actors, writers and directors are amazing in many aspects. I learned a lot of what I know about act there, and it was an incredible experience to keep.

What do you do to overcome the stress and the pressure of your job?

–Go ahead and take care of yourself is important. It is different for everyone, but for me is to sleep well at night and to be honest with myself, with how I feel. It is important to leave the job and unwind.

What actresses inspire you currently?

There are many! I mean, I’ve seen incredible performances this year. I loved The Favourite and the performance of Rachel Weisz. Julianne Moore has had roles most brilliant I have ever seen. It’s great to see good movies and draw inspiration from them time and time again. There’s nothing like that for me.

The movement #MeToo had great success in your area. What do you think? What actions would you perform to support other women?

–I think the movement #MeToo is really important. I feel too happy that a movement so powerful is happening in this moment. I feel that I had a childhood very fortunate and protected in many aspects, and I grew up with a lot of women are very strong around me, and to see them get ahead and creating this huge movement, and to see them say “enough is enough” is absolutely incredible. I hope to do my best to support other women in the industry, it is extremely important to me, to listen to them and defend ourselves by all that surround us. It is amazing.

What do you think is missing to prevent cases such as that of Harvey Weinstein recurring?

–Obviously, there is much work to do as a society. We must keep our eyes open and that is why the movement #MeToo is really amazing. It is very powerful, but these things are still happening. It is important to continue to fight, to keep our eyes open, not to accept and demonstrate this type of behavior. And seek help, of course.

How do you handle fame?

-Try not to get involved in both things. I spend time with my friends and write in a journal what I feel. It is always something really lovely when people recognise me and tell me that they are fans of the series. For me, that I’ve been doing this for a long time, I have my tricks to manage it all and I try to enjoy the life that I have.

How is your relationship with your fans?

–Amazing! Always impresses me to see new accounts on Instagram popping up or meet people on the street. Seriously, if you see me, don’t be shy! Know a fan is always an important moment in my day. The fact that I can share my work with others is incredible.

You started your career very young. Do you see yourself doing something else in other jobs?

–It is interesting, because I never looked at acting as a job, but as something that I love. I see it as a hobby that I love and that I think that I could act the rest of my life. Nothing makes me more sense than to act, because I love to be creative and express myself. The stars aligned with this character.

Can you recommend us some series or movie that you’ve seen lately?

–Wow! Much is happening in this moment. I loved The Favourite. It is an amazing film. Each element is perfect.

Do you picture your career in the future?

–I know what I want to do and create, but in the specific, I will let it be a surprise.