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With only 19 years, Kiernan Shipka the has a clear. The young actress and star of “The hidden world of Sabrina” know that the reflectors point to each one of its movements and understand the importance of being a role model for many other young people. “She [Sabrina] it is a landmark very strong for young women”says Shipka, who revealed details of the second season of the fiction of Netflix.

“Sabrina you will learn more about their powers and you will realize how strong you can become. Many, many secrets will be revealed. It is a season that many of them will collide and will make them jump out of their seats”,“says the artist who began her career by participating in the tv drama “Mad Men” (2007-2015).

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When the stories of the comics as “Sabrina” they are adapted in tv or film, the fans become the main critics of the product. Did you feel fear of not exceeding expectations? Why?
I try not to think much of it, so it works for me. People will always fill you with that kind of comments, that clouds the process. At the end of the day, I’ll always try to have the best performance possible. Always I will do my best. The last thing I want to think about is the expectations of others, the idea is to put on the table everything I have to offer.

When you read the script, what you’ve imagined bumping into a series so dark? It is not the Sabrina that we were accustomed to [risas].
I know! I read the script and I realized that it was going to be a Sabrina totally different. I knew that it would be a dark pattern because I relied on fictions such as “Riverdale”, but if I’m honest I never imagined that it would be as well. As you advance the chapters, it is increasingly dark and gloomy. The series is, definitely, a show of terror that was a factor that excited me quite a bit since the first day. As I said before, it was not the idea that I had of the series, that was not in my mind. The plot became a horror story and that shocked me.

After seeing the episodes finished on Netflix, did you notice big changes in issues of editing? In the special effects, for example, that the fiction will see much more dark [exageradamente] of what is thought.
I would say that in our show works differently. We do quite a few practical things. For example, the chairs that appear flying are things that really happen while we recorded. Then, obviously, everything else falls into the amazing special effects to have the expected result. It is great to be able to compare the before and after of the series [con los efectos]see the finished product is amazing.

Changing the subject a little bit, you’re a figure pretty young in the Hollywood industry [19 años]. Do you carry some kind of classical performance/theatre classic to complement your career?
No. In reality I grew up as part of the cast of “Mad Men” [2007-2015]. I grew up surrounded by learning actors are amazing and that definitely fueled my career. I would say that this experience was like going to acting classes. Currently, I am not attending this type of courses. I love the experience of being able to learn from others, in fact, work with a ‘coach’ of action that supports me and prepare for the process. I hope never to stop learning, performance means everything to me. Every day I learn something new and that is the most exciting part of this work.

I say this because there are actors who during their whole life they are prepared in “classical” form and physics. Today, with so much technology around us, end up performing in front of a green screen. It is as if they had to completely change the mindset to a different world.
Oh, I understand what you are going to. Although I have nothing against performing it in front of a green screen, is not something I do very often. For me, it is amazing to have around different physical possibilities to interact. [La otra mecánica] it is a totally different world, to act and to pretend that things happen around you when, in reality, there is nothing.

You mentioned your involvement in the series “Mad Men”, you started very small. How was it growing up in this industry? Do you remember any specific experience that has changed your perspective of this race?
Honestly, growing up in a series like that [“Mad Men”] served as much to my training as an actress and person. I met so many amazing people who prepared me in different ways to this industry. From understanding how it works a set up how to move in front of the cameras. I think that this experience has changed me as a person. Could not pick one, has been a full apprenticeship. It was a huge part of my childhood.

Why would you say that a character like Sabrina, it is important and necessary for television?
She is a very strong young women. It is smart, it stands firm in their beliefs and very loyal to those around her. It has several qualities that are important enough to portray in a character of today. Especially, I say that because the audience of the series –in their majority– are young girls. I remember when I was 13 years old, wanted to play a character ‘cool’ and today I got it. Sabrina is a character that meets all of that, the girls want to dress like her on Halloween, is a good person, has good intentions. It is, without a doubt, a model to follow and that is important.

Did you see the first version of the series[[“Sabrina the teenage witch” / 1996-2003]? Have you had the opportunity to meet the actress who starred in the fiction [Melissa Joan Hart]?
No, and neither have I been able to know her. I would love to be able to talk with her, I believe that is participating in a new series from Netflix, it would be great that Melissa could appear in one of our episodes.

What a ‘crossover’?
Exactly! I can confirm at this time [risas].

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“The Office” (starring Steve Carell). “I know that is not an original series for the platform, but it is great and you capture in a second,” says the young performer.