Killed by the Coronavirus in Mexico-April 7


Mexico came to 125 deaths per Coronavirus this Tuesday, April 7. Our country has already surpassed the barrier of 100 deaths for the first time. In addition, registered a new record for the third time in the last four days. Meanwhile, the case fatality rate continues in a higher and came to be more than 5%.

Coronavirus in Mexico live: latest news, deaths and cases of today

29 dead, new record

Mexico reached a new record of deaths in a single day with a total of 29 between Sunday 5 April and Monday 6 April. In three of the last four days, the increase in deaths has been on the rise, leaving a total of 125 deaths. The majority of these deaths are concentrated in the Mexico citysince here have occurred 29. Follow him Jalisco and Quintana Roo with 12 and 8 respectively.

There were No new states with deaths

On the other hand, this Monday didn’t join any federal entity to the list of states with dead. Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Tlaxcala, Campeche and Colima are maintained without reporting even a single human loss at the hands of the COVID-19. Of all these, only Guanajuato has reported more than fifty positive cases of this Coronavirus.

Lethality by state

Increases the rate of lethality

One of the tables is more relevant that showed the Secretariat of Health is the mortality rate, which continues to increase in our country. In accordance with the health authorities, in this moment there is a case fatality rate of 5.13%, exceeding the global average. The majority of these deaths are related to the hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, among other comorbidities. The recommendation was to protect yourself in case you have any of these conditions, because it represents a greater risk the fact of getting by COVID-19.

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