Killed by the Coronavirus in Mexico the 6 of April


Mexico has a total of 125 people killed by coronavirus until this Monday, April 6, which broke the barrier of the 100 deaths. The Sunday Yucatán recorded its first two deaths, and joined the list of states that have undergone at least one human loss at the hands of the COVID-19. José Luis Alomía, Director General of Epidemiology, spoke on the distribution of cases and the fatality of the disease.

The greatest number of deaths in 24 hours

Mexico had its day more lethal coronavirus on Monday 6 April. The Secretariat of Health reported a total of 125 deaths, 31 new deaths in 24 hours. So far, since march 18, when they filed the first death, the maximum number of deaths in a single day was 19, on the 4th of April. Of the hospitalized patients, 221 are stable, 330 are serious, and 89 intubated.

Increases the rate of lethality

During the first few weeks of the arrival of this pandemic, Mexico could boast of having an index of lethality low. However, this situation has changed in the recent days, because our country reached a 5.13% index of lethality by 100 cases, to this Monday, 6 April. The main co-morbidities associated with these deaths continue to be hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

Deaths in women also increase

As they advance the crisis of the Coronavirus, the main affected sector has been the male, both in the number of infections as in the of the deceased. However, increasingly, there are more women who are losing the battle against the COVID-19. Last week, the distribution of deaths was 10% for the feminine gender. Now, it is a 25% according to the ministry of Health. In terms of age, still pondering the deaths of those over the age of 65 years.

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