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“The Killer” with Michael Fassbender it’s a edgy thriller that follows a killer discovering his limits, and is the director’s twelfth feature. David Fincher. Michael Fassbender plays a nameless killer whose carefully constructed life is turned upside down after a murder goes wrong. Despite his personal mantra to remain aloof and methodical, he finds himself preying on those who dare threaten him.

The film, in competition at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, reunites David Fincher with screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker, with whom he co-created the cult thriller Seven (1995). Other collaborators include director of photography Eric Messerschmidt and production designer Don Burt, Oscar winners for Fincher’s Mank (2020). The cast also includes Tilda Swinton and Arliss HowardWith Charles Parnell, Kerry O’Malley and Sala Baker.

“The Killer” with Michael Fassbender: teaser trailer

In contrast to the glamorous and inscrutable image of 007, the Hitman played by Michael Fassbender allows us to participate in his inner thoughts as well as his practical and flat reality. There are no fancy nightclubs or tailored suits in the film: this man shops at airports, stays at chain hotels and does his best to blend in with the crowd.

“I wanted him to be someone who wouldn’t be noticed on the street,” he says. Michael Fassbender his cold-blooded anti-hero. “She’s not a scary person that you can recognize just by looking at her, but once you get inside her head…”

Adapted from the acclaimed graphic novel written by “Matz” (Alexis Nolent), The Killer explores the boundaries of revenge. The audience here shares the protagonist’s point of view, listening to his personal principles as he tries to change his life.

“Stick to your plan. Predict, don’t improvise. I don’t trust anyone. Never give up an advantage. Fight only the fight for which you are paid…”

But as the Killer travels from destination to destination, from France to the Dominican Republic to America, we discover that life—and death—doesn’t always follow the rules.


The difference between thought and reality is the main theme of the film.. There is a discrepancy between what you read and what you see. You see how the killer operates, but you are in his head. What he does and what he thinks are not the same. Seeing life through the eyes – and scope – of a killer puts viewers in an interesting position, as they may inevitably root for someone whose behavior is questionable, to say the least.

“A Killer Lives and Dies” by Michael Fassbender. The role required someone who could hold the audience’s attention in every scene, as well as effortlessly carry out complex and grueling actions, from assembling a rifle to brutal combat. But the film isn’t just about “revenge,” it also touches on the theme of deception and, perhaps more importantly, the lies we tell ourselves.

And he seems to have a mantra: “Don’t believe what people say or even what they think: watch what they do.”

Then “The Killer” breaks all the stereotypes about tough killers that we are used to seeing on screen, as Fisher says: “Whoever the Kia Sorrento follows is much less obvious than who the Aston Martin DB11 follows”… Michael Fassbender’s character doesn’t have cool, custom-made clothes, cars, or gadgets supplied by a cutting-edge secret organization. Instead, he shops online and in convenience stores.

Michael Fassbender’s The Killer defies genre conventions and offers an insightful and disturbing look into the mind of a killer. Now all that remains is to wait, the film will be released on Netflix on November 10th.

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