Kim and Kourtney Kardashian star in a physical fight on ‘KUWTK’


The relationship between the members of the family Kardashian always has shown its peculiarities on his show transmitted through the channel E! Entertainment, Keeping Up with The Kardashians he has left us to see many moments where one or more people they lose control and explode against others.

This was just what happened between Kim and Kourtney, whom we saw engaged in a discussion that led from words to blows quickly. This is the promotional clip for the new season of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, which will be released next March 28.

As the program account, Kim posted on their networks, the teaser of the series that will screen every Thursday, in the video clip we see the women of this family posing for a photo session, followed by it we see other discussions and conversations, however, one of the most caught the attention is the bout between Kim and Kourtney.

Both are seated until Kourtney starts to point the finger at Kim, at the time that he says with annoyance ‘You do not have anything to say’, after that Kourtney he throws a bottle of water and rises towards her, Kim also stands to face them as she says ‘Never get close to me in this way’. After this verbal exchange, Kim used his elbow to hit Kourtney, who tries to avoid contact.

The season number 18 Keeping Up with The Kardashians it promises to be full of drama and a roller coaster of emotions, what other surprises will we see?