Kim Kardashian admits that he used Photoshop with North in your christmas card


Some days ago, the family West-Kardashian, were protagonists of a series of criticisms, in which he pointed to Kim Kardashian as a fan of the use of Photoshop in his photographs, even, it was said that such was his obsession with the digital touch-upsthat she was starting to do with their own children. WHAAT?

The photo really is a beautiful image of the complete family, in which we may observe all dress in similar colors, and very happy. Kim attended the program that leads Ellen DeGeneres, in which the socialite admitted “photoshopeado” the image, but that only applied with the greatest of his sons, North.

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Why? The day you had the shootingthe small of 6 years, was not in a good moment, so that she wouldn’t be in the picture with the rest of your family. Their parents, Kim and Kanyecontinued with the plan, but with one less child. It was the other day when North he was with his mom and she said that yes wanted to appear on the christmas card. OWW!

Right away, the businesswoman contacted the photographer, who was still in the city, and we did the session in addition to the eldest daughter of the marriage. This led to increased use of the digital edition, in which they could incorporate in a natural way to Northbut unfortunately, internet users saw that there was some trick in the image.

Kim Kardashian told that it is very difficult to work with children, especially when they are still very small, but it ensures that Kanye, Saint, Chicago and Psalmwere really there, in the same room.

I would have preferred to do it this way that the anxiety so I went from trying to achieve it; I mean, Chicago has a biscuit in the hand, really was holding a Psalm there, Saint was really there. The rest of us were there, but North … that was a lot. There’s always one!