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Kim Kardashian and her Balenciaga outfit for the Met Gala 2021

Kim kardashian it is a benchmark of style and glamor. In her many public appearances, and even in her day to day, it is common to see the socialite wearing looks that bear their personal stamp wherever they are seen: tight dresses, nude garments, voluminous lips, long straight hair, voluptuous hips. Elements that together, or separately, reaffirm that Kim she looks flawless at every step she takes, always accompanied by the controversy that characterizes her.

More than once, Kim kardashian took the carpets of the most important events around the world thanks to the outfits carefully selected and thought out with the purpose of being talked about even days after the shows.

The businesswoman knows that the “style Kardashian”Is reproduced by dozens of people, who yearn to achieve a bit of the impact generated by the member of one of the most controversial families in show business. Knowing the power and impact of each of your movements, Kim it seeks to get the most out of all the fury it causes. Either for the launches of any of your companies, or to collaborate with your family or closest friends.

This is the reason why, since a couple of events, Kim kardashian has put aside her lush and sexy outfits to replace them with tight-fitting garments that cover her from head to toe to support the promotion of Donda, the latest release from her still-husband, rapper Kanye West.

Today in Last we tell you more about this singular look with which Kim Kardashian took over the networks with comments and memes after editing the Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

The Met Gala 2021 It was one of the most anticipated events for lovers of the fashion, after it was postponed for the first time since its inception in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This party, which aims to raise funds for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is also an opportunity for its attendees to attract the attention of the whole world with their changing rooms, which must be consistent with the theme of each edition, which changes each year depending on the context and current events.

This edition, the central theme was In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion, which aimed to show the different faces of American fashion and the diverse identities it encompasses. The theme was somewhat ambiguous so, unlike in other years, this time there were an infinity of styles and models that were different from each other created by the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, all of them recreating the changing and unique essence of the different invited personalities.

Kim kardashian has been, since his first appearance on the carpet of the Met Gala in 2013, one of the attendees who had the greatest impact with the looks designed to steal the spotlight. This year could not be the exception, and Kim did not miss the opportunity to become the center of attention just hours after becoming a trend and collecting more than 6 million likes in an Instagram post where he is seen wearing a look total black leather with mask included.

What is the origin of Kim’s latest outfits

These novel wardrobes were created by Demna Gvasalia, designer of the Spanish fashion firm Balenciaga, brand that is collaborating Kanye West, with whom the socialite is still married. These designs are part of the promotion of the album by rapper Donda, which was presented in the middle of a controversial performance full of symbolism in which Kim She appeared dressed as a bride, and later, with a black suit made of material similar to nylon that conformed to her well-cared figure.

The attire that Kim kardashian selected to appear in the long-awaited edition of the Met Gala 2021 it was an exclusive design Balenciaga black color that covered her from head to toe, including her hands and face with a matching mask. In addition to the striking characteristic of the look, the model had an extensive train that fell into two sections and covered much of the space that the Kardashian she was stepping in her high-heeled, high-heeled boots with a triangular silhouette.

Despite the fact that this design did not allow to see absolutely anything of the model’s body, from its arrival it became clear that it was Kim kardashian. First, for the past looks similar to those with which it has been seen, and secondly, for its characteristic silhouette: wide hips, small waist and long neatly straight pony tail. Next to her, a hooded man posed for the cameras raising suspicions about who it was, some said that his companion was the designer Demna Gvasalia, while others assured that it was Kanye West himself.

Both the outfit and its mysterious partner made the name of Kim kardashian was one of the most talked about during the night, proving once again that, thus Kim put on an impressive dress full of applications like the one from the last gala, or cover yourself completely from head to toe, it is a fact that all your looks they will serve as inspiration and be the center of attention.

In the same way, it was proven that the security and ego that Kim kardashian squanders in all her appearances are perhaps her best accessory, since no matter what she wears, everyone knows who she is, something that only someone like her is capable of achieving.

(Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian)

The controversy and discussions in networks did not wait

On social networks dozens of users who were remotely tuning in to the gala gave their opinion about the attire from Kim kardashian. Some applauded the selection of lookThey thought that in addition to being collaborating in the promotion of the project of the father of their children, the design complied with the theme of the event by reflecting a bit of American fashion.

On the other side of the discussion, there were those who said that these Kim began to be repetitive, and that if they continue like this, far from attracting attention they will end up boring, which could also mean that the merchandising of Kanye West x Balenciaga it will cease to be an object of desire due to its mysterious concept.

Finally, they could not miss the memes, same in which Kim was crowned as one of the main protagonists. Here is a compilation of the best and most creative.

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