Kim Kardashian and Kourtney to clean punch in a fight in ‘The Kardashian’


The relationship between Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney has never been idyllic, but their clashes have gone a step beyondjudging by the first images that promote the premiere of season 18 of ‘The Kardashian’ on the 26th of march.

The first teaser of the new chapters shows Kourtney in the epicenter of conflicts with their sisters. First, the young man argues with Khloe by asking him to not be goal in their affairs, a fight that ends when her sister espeta “then don’t talk about them in my presence”, a conflict that was nothing compared to what the video reflects later.

With Kim and Kourtney gathered together in a room, ‘The Kardashian’ moves a tremendous fight after a “you have nothing to say!’ of the ex, Scott Disick. Kourtney pounces on his sister, who rises and begins to beaten, among them a brutal punch.

Kourtney, on the point of leaving the ‘reality show’

What is certain is that these feuds may have its origin in the denouement of the previous season, a period in which Kourtney tried to leave the ‘reality show’. Kim threatened to report you for breach of contract, a fact that finally did not occur.

Both Kim as Khloe did not see with good eyes this movement of his sister, as the two considered who are the ones that are flushed with the recording of the program despite its many commitments to business and family, but they finally accepted that Kourtney rebajase your participation in this season 18, as Kim confessed, in the space of Ellen DeGeneres.