Kim Kardashian comes out in a black dress that, due to its large neckline in the back, revealed her dental floss

Red. Fans saw Kim’s anatomy and the red floss is what many still can’t forget …

Kim Kardashian surprised her fans by showing her red floss. This was not an accident, because of the poses before the camera it was completely intentional.

According to the comment posted on Instagram, Kim seems to be promoting the new collection of Givenchy brand clothingAt the moment many do not understand if the dress has that accessory in red, or Kim highlighted it even more by leaving her underwear in view. Be that as it may, this is already a sensation thanks to the curves of Kanye West’s still a wife. 

Prior to this publication, Kim had already stirred up her fans by appearing, again as a model for her brand SKIM S, taking off all her clothes just to show off her black and nude underwear.

Along with Paris Hilton, on the other hand, she also presented another of her new creations. With Skims, Kim Kardashian brings the softness of color to life, and with her friend, she models her new collection.


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