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Kim Kardashian gets a restraining order against a man who sent her pills the day after

Kim Kardashian has had to legally deal with a stalker again. On this occasion she has obtained a five-year restraining order against an individual who has been trying to contact her for months, having presented himself at her home twice this month and who has sent her a disconcerting package that includes a diamond ring and some pills from the day after.

Based on the documents that the news portal has been able to access TMZ, the celebrity’s attorney, Shawn Hollye, explained that the man, named Nicholas Costanza, went to the gateways of the community where he lives. Kim Kardashian twice throughout 2021, once in February and the other in May.

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It is also specified that the harasser sent her a package that was intercepted by the security team that protects her and that inside it contained two somewhat strange objects: a ring that looks like diamonds (it has not yet been certified that it is) and a box of contraceptive pills, popularly known as the day after.

Following the complaint, a Los Angeles judge has filed a five-year restraining order against Costanza and banned him from contacting her. In fact, their social media has been taken down.

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As Kim Kardashian’s legal team has explained, the stalker had tried to contact the celebrity online, sending her a marriage certificate that he himself had forged and calling himself her “knight in shining armor.”

To all this must be added that the individual possessed another object that has not been specified, which included the following engraving: “Queen Kimberly is sitting alone in her great castle waiting for her knight in shining armor.”

Kim Kardashian's custom Lamborghini Urus.

Kim Kardashian’s custom Lamborghini Urus.

Kim Kardashian

These incidents come just days after Kim Kardashian obtained another restraining order against another stalker who was trying to break into her home and threatened her for months.

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