Kim Kardashian Goes Crazy When She Discovers Her Unexpected Connection to the Series “Bridgerton”

Kim Kardashian

An actress from the Netflix show made it known on social media that the socialite’s family was a great inspiration for several main characters in the popular romantic drama

Kim Kardashian’s passion for the “Bridgerton” series is well known to all her fans. She herself was in charge of documenting in real-time the roller coaster of emotions that she experienced watching the first season through her Instagram stories, so it is understandable that she was very happy to discover that she has an unexpected connection to the smash hit. from Netflix.

The person in charge of revealing this information has been the actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays the character of Penelope Featherington and who has taken to Twitter to send her the following message: “As the number one fan of“ Bridgerton ”, does Kim know that the Were the Kardashians a great inspiration to the Featheringtons? “

Apparently, Nicola often talked about the media clan with her sisters and mother in fiction during costume fittings and Kim has not missed this opportunity to try to get an invitation to the set at all costs. “WHAT? I’m hallucinating. This tweet was sent to me through my dedicated Bridgerton chat group. Could you attend any of the tests, please? It would mean everything to me! ” asked the famous celebrity.

Nicola was quick to respond to assure her that they would be delighted to receive her, and also explain that they both have something else in common: Mr. Pearl, the legendary corset designer who made the one that Kim wore to the Met gala in 2019, also commissioned to create one of those that the interpreter has used in the series. “My God, I’m going to faint,” said Kim after discovering this curious anecdote. “Does this make me an honorary duchess at Bridgerton? I am the queen of corsets! “


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