Kim Kardashian has decided to sue the Kourtney and if you have to leave your reality


It seems that the the Images are shrouded in controversy once again. On this occasion, was a famous portal to the american ‘Somag‘gave you the knowledge that the eldest of the clan, Kim, you could develop a strong trial against one of her sisters, Kourtney, what is your reason for this? decided to leave the reality ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.

And the fact is that, during the last season of the famed reality tv has seen a major tension between Kim and Kourtney, in fact, it was the same mr. Kim who, in a fit of rage, ‘ran’, the daughter of the programmeit’s Kim and Kourtney found out that She hid the information about the places we visited and the people he was with, this is not to be recorded, because she was ‘fed up’ of all the cameras in the metieran at your discretion.

Because of these actions, Kim became very angry, because he observed that thanks to the fact that She refused to write the part which was, that she and Kourtney have had to expose most of their lives to fill the gap that he left Her with his actions. Now for more than two months of the scandal, is said to be the wife of Kanye West, you could sue your sister for a ‘breach of contract’ in the event that you decide to abandon reality.

The future of Kourtney on KUWTK

Although it was only a matter of a rumoured earlier, Kim Kardashian revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that this issue has already been fixed, and that both of them had platicado about what had happened, and even came to an agreement. “Kourtney and I had to go to Japan. We are taking the time to listen,” he said of the socialite, “we talk about it all, and we will be healed of the wounds, and I think we have finally come to an agreement”).said, at the time, and Kim’s for Ellen.

According to Kim and Kourtney arrived and it was the latter, yes, it will still appear on the reality tv, but it only happens occasionally “Kourtney and I took the hour for Kourtney to want to cover it up, because we need content for the show. Being in limbo and having to do all of this, it is very frustrating, as soon as we came to the conclusion that She’s just filmed a little bit,”showed to advantage for the The “Ellen” Show.