Kim Kardashian has discovered her weakness for mexican


At this point, no one would have thought that the advantage more and more popular, Kim Kardashian had a weakness, as identified by a mexican!, according to recently discovered.

He said the manager is the most famous by Kim Kardashian, which, if it be really excentricos, you have a weakness for the mexican, Who would have thought?

The bottom line is that in spite of all that, if I could have thought of at the leader of the clan: O it was super simple to do and it is something that she has been, of course, and it’s time to choose your favorite candy.

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The former, after several post on social networks, the popular star of Keeping up with the Kardashians has it’s weakness are the sweets from mexico.

In accordance with that found in the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West have a taste for the traditional sweets of Mexico, and, in particular, and the spoons of the tamarind sauce.

In addition to this, the same as Kim shared on social media of her love for these sweet treats, which are typical in all of Mexico.

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In fact, we have long shared an image that appeared on the popular spoon, a tea with a sweet tamarind sauce, the taste of sweet-and-sour, for the the famous when asked about whether anyone knew more about it.

Later, he shared a picture in which they appear, the more spoons left in hplc, this mexican candy this is one of your favorites.

In the first meeting at which business he has met with this typical dessert has been on the The two-thousand-and-fourteen during your stay at a hotel in Punta de Mita, Mexico, where they received it with sweets, such as pulparindo, and tama rock, which left him fascinated, the well-known, that is, apparently, in search of some way to get them.

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The younger sister Khloé, Kourtney and Rob O he shared some of the images within your profile, where you can enjoy the advantage also has a few table spoons of that if you made one of your candy favorites.

What do u gays know about this right here?? (What do you know about this?)

The influencer was questioned by his followers. Screen shot of Instagram

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In the other picture, is the ex-wife of singer Kanye West has shared a picture which shows the jarrito, which you have given during your visit to Mexico city.

The influencer received, as it gave a jarrito with the candy in his visit to Mexico. Screen shot of Instagram