Kim Kardashian he is betting on the diversity of the human body and makes it the woman’s business as well-success!


The advantage Kim Kardashian we have proved once again that the business is strong, as again, he stood as one of the entrepreneurs, the most successful of the moment, and while many people may think to the contrary.

We need that, of course, his 39-year-old Kim has been shown to have a great deal of skill in order to consolidate every one of your goals, it’s a fact that for many people it is impossible. Through its latest release the girdlesthe famous socialite has been at the top of the enterprise.

In this regard, Kim had expressed in an interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar USA, the beginning of the project, its components, was not as easy as many think, in particular, mentioned the following:

“When I told her that I wanted to shapewear,, seamless,, all looked at it and thought that I was crazy. The one that always bothered me was that it had a seam in the front. You would have this dress, it really is set, and then you will see that the stitching, to the frustration of the whole purpose of using something that does not seem to have anything underneath”

In addition to thisKim he continued in the interview, confirming the fact that she is not only interested in your comfort, but also with the glamour at the same time, and the idea is to track it was to have both of those things. For a fact, that is, without a doubt, he managed, with great success.

Another piece of good news for this part of the family Kardashian, is that you in your the new line came to Nordstrom, at the official outlets in Manhattan, one of the chain’s north american and more popular these days, and that it has a long list of customers and followers on social media.

Kim Kardashian he is betting on the diversity of the bodies

The name of theSkims“the new the line of girdles that it Kim Kardashian it has recently launched in the market in addition to a great amount of praise for it, it achieved sales of billions for a couple of hours of being made available on the Internet.

It should be noted that, at the start of the season, Kim he was accused of cultural appropriation after the name of the brand, such as “Kimono”, which makes us think that, perhaps, it was a way of promoting this line, which has led to the overall success of the advantage.

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