Kim Kardashian in the first American Horror Story teaser

After a long wait, the first pictures of the character he plays are finally out Kim Kardashian In American Horror Story,

Although over the years the 42-year-old former partner Kanye West It has made us addicted to the extreme and sudden changes in looks, as shown in the teasers of the TV series American Horror Story it’s definitely unedited and it looks Kim In a new and unexpected light.

Sisters are being talked about the most in the short clip the kardashians Wearing a long black dress and thick white hair, she is holding a baby, surrounded by a group of identical dancers, and a grotesque version of the song “Rock-a-Bye Baby” is playing in the background. To make the scene even more dramatic, only the sister does not have particularly fair skin. Khloe, courtney, Kylie and Kendall, their rather ostentatious makeup, including red lipstick and exaggeratedly long false eyelashes.

The new chapter of the series, titled tenderIt will be based on the novel “Delicate Condition” by Daniel Valentine and will describe the life of a woman who is convinced that a sinister and evil presence is preventing her from becoming pregnant.

in the cast of the twelfth season of American Horror Story Ahead Kim Kardashian there will also be Emma Roberts (who returns to the series after 4 years away) E cara delevingne, both of which were featured in the first teaser of the show. arrival of Kim Kardashian In ahs extension The sensation initially caused little to no resentment among fans of the series who, after trying to boycott the entrepreneur’s appearance, are now eager to see his interpretation, which according to director Ryan Murphy will leave everyone speechless.

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