Kim Kardashian is looking forward to autumn in a fashionable way … super expensive!

Kim Kardashian seems to want to leave summer behind with a look that winks at autumn. Here are the photos.

Kim Kardashian is looking forward to autumn in a fashionable way ... super expensive!

Kim Kardashian has entered his “era of glamor” ever since Dolce&Gabbana hired him to appear as creative director for the coveted Milan Fashion Week shows. Influencer juggles between look increasingly creative, this time already thinking of the perfect match for the fall. Kardashian mixes gray and pink, sporty and sophisticated exquisite details and excites the audience Instagram.

Kim Kardashian is shocking in a new way

After signing divorce from Kanye Westtarget Kim Kardashian it was very clear: to emancipate herself from the figure shaped by her ex-husband, who had always completely influenced her in terms of fashion, so much so that he chose looks and outfits for her to flaunt on the most glamorous show shows, and find her own identity. Meeting with Dolce & Gabbana this acted as a springboard for Kim, who was initially interested in a collaboration between her Skims line and the Italian fashion house, but was blown away when the two designers appointed her as creative director of the Milan Fashion Week runway.

The engagement, which on the one hand cost Kim the trust of her sister Kourtney and a few stomach pains, on the other hand, opened the door to a new era of glamour, on which the influencer is fully supported even during a long VIP. summer. In fact, over the past few hours, Kim has shown off the perfect look to welcome the hot climate and welcome the arrival of winter, while not forgetting that she can safely be considered the latest fashion. Let’s see the details together.

Kim Kardashian thus “downplays” the Skims line.

Ready to take off in the fashion industry by finding your own voice, Kim Kardashian started trying out perfect pairs for the fall season. A few days ago, the influencer announced on Instagram that she had become the new muse of the Marc Jacobs Fall 2023 collection, to a mixed reaction from her. 363 million subscribers. Ignoring, as always, criticism, Kardashian embarks on new experiments and adheres to the trendcombination of pearl gray with candy pinkthe legacy of Barbie’s last influence since the Greta Gerving film.


Kim actually wears an outfit from the Skim line that best highlights her curvaceous body, consisting of a fitted shirt with sleeves and very tight pants. The image is decorated cosmetic bag chanel in pink fur that matches perfectly with pink and gray python boots, adorned with a pierced Chrome Hearts Official. What do you think of Kim’s look?

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