Kim Kardashian is the new face of Marc Jacobs, but the network has split in two

An ad that shares, and quite a few, all fashion enthusiasts. The most influential digital entrepreneur in the world, Kim Kardashianbecome a new face Marc Jacobs. The news came through the official channels of the creator and brand, with a targeted communication strategy that generated huge engagement. In fact, all it took was a close-up of the American’s face, accompanied by the brand’s iconic logo, to create hype, controversy and food for thought around the Los Angeles native figure that still exists today after so many years. at the center of the world stage.

Big Impact Campaign

Again, as before Marc Jacobs choose for yourself advertising a personable pop culture icon who favors her over more canonical models. Looking back, it becomes clear how much the company pays special attention to the type empowerment well-varied feminine: in fact, in recent seasons, the brand has collaborated with profiles such as Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, actress Winona Ryder, and then through rappers Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice, the latter especially in demand in the recent period and has become viral thanks to one of the latest campaigns of the fashion house (“Beauty and Sky”).

Kim Kardashian Marc Jacobs Life&People Magazine

Using a special filter, photographer Tyrone LeBon (stylized by Alastair McKimm) depicted the American millionaire in various poses. Among the most fascinating images, the one in which Kardashian appears with the classic Big bag, paired with a custom-tailored denim jacket utilizing a scenic space adorned with balloons. Also presented are two new models of bags, bag bag And Crooked bags, as well as black polka dots and very high Kiki boots. Among other noteworthy shots, one cannot fail to mention the one in which the main character leans on an inflatable shoe sculpture, wearing gloves and a black coat.

Mixed results from the Internet

As mentioned earlier, the response on the Internet had an intermittent trend. In fact, there were a few stomachaches among the many thank you letters. In fact, many wondered why the choice fell on the ubiquitous Kardashian instead of other, more “suitable” profiles, thus deeming the protagonist of the campaign inadequate and not up to the task required. However, in fact, the answer is very simple: we are talking about the most influential person in the world, who has 363 million followers on Instagram alone. A business that adds to the many, many related activities that have made a splash in the name of North America in a special Forbes ranking of the richest people on the planet, with assets estimated at one billion dollars.

Kim Kardashian Marc Jacobs Life&People Magazine

This shows how his participation is capable of attracting much more attention than other personalities. His controversial nature, paradoxically, causes even more controversy, therefore also attracts attention to all the projects in which he takes part, which will soon happen on the small screen.

Not long before debut as an actress

This is the reason director Ryan Murphy wanted to aim straight up. Kim Kardashiandespite the lack of acting experience, for the twelfth season of the horror series “American Horror Story – Rock a Bye”, where he will play one of the main roles along with Emma Roberts and Cara Delavigne.

Kim Kardashian Marc Jacobs Life&People Magazine

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of marketing, or rather investment, to win over the catalyst for success, which in unsuspecting times was able to use its wealth more than others, literally conquering with a focused and well-planned strategy. World.

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