Kim Kardashian is to remove it all to sell it. Look at the pictures. (and you have)


On February 20, 2020
(10:22 (CET)

Kim Kardashian it has a multitude of business proposals every day, so get out in your account of Instagram, which still enjoys good health, with more than 160 million followers, but it’s far from cheap.

In fact, the weighted average of the expense that you are in the business for a post that supports the advantage of the north-american and nearly one-half million dollars, which is a real burrada, but in many cases, it comes out to be profitable for a high degree of visibility that it creates.

And it’s Kim Kardashian we talking about, and in addition to seeing it on the 160 million people at instagram, so that usually translates to in the story, almost everything that you do, even if it is promotional in nature.

A unique collection

The bullet Skims was the last time you request the services of a Kim Kardashian, and they may be arrepintiendo, because of the growth of his company, it was not to be expected and, in spite of the publication, the socialite got 39000 likes, and a few of his followers.

It is the most famous of the sisters, Kardashian was for a gain of 3.5 million likes, which is not far from being it, but that is a good number and that puts you in the relationship like between your account and your client’s in the 1 / 1000th. Something that is sure to reduce the cache.

And the fact is that, since there are only a little more than a year, is more cost-effective to your sister Kylie Jenner or even Kendall Jenner propaganda that, Kim Kardashian, who, although he appears in her underwear doesn’t seem to have the same commitment they used to be.

As we approach the end of the hegemony of the Kim Kardashian? What is certain is that, as of the end of 2016 is going to layer in the fall, and it looks like it’s at least more than a decade ago. In bad weather, to the advantage.