Kim Kardashian poses with her most popular Cher


Socialite Kim Kardashian has finally fulfilled one of her biggest dreams come true, one that has been there for a very long time ago, posing on the side of his idola Sonny & Cherwhich is said to be a fan of the singer and their style.

The the session the photos in the magazine, Kim said that it was inspired by in the Priscilla Presleythe actress who has been married to her husband of the famous Elvis Presley between the years of 1967 and 1973.

This is due to the fact that their looks that they were having a lot of volume in your hair, it’s something that I wanted to test the manager and model.

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There is so much excitement in Kim Kardashian they published a photo of the sign in to your accounts on Twitter and Instagram, showing the wonder it has a famous singer Sonny & Cher.

A dream come true for me. I love Her,” wrote Kim on her Twitter account.

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In the photo to come out of both of the celebrities, mounted in a large motorcycle the picture is in black and white.

In his account of the Instagram I could not miss your publication, because this is where you keep all of your followers to the slope of your daily life.

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All in a wrap with @Cher !!!! You know that he is my style icon for life, as well as of course it was a dream come true for me! My other style icon – @naomi, was also in the set is the set !!!) What is it in this life!!! I am so happy to share these photos with you on the cover of @crfashionbook!”, he wrote to Kim in your post.

It also has shared other photos, where you can find the model Naomi Campbellthat I am a part of this project, and to ensure that it is your style icon.

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In his account of Instagram, the publication rose by any other photos of me, and the model Naomi Campbellas well as out of it.

In addition, he shared pictures of the the result the photo shoot for the magazine, specialising in fashion, CR Fashion Book.