Kim Kardashian reveals her secret to having eyelashes so long they look fake

Kim Kardashian has stood out in the world of social networks for being a instagram lover, many aspects of his family, business and love life have been made known through this source, however, on this occasion he resorted to this tool to reveal one of your beauty secrets related to your eyelashes.

Although the businesswoman does not hide all the aesthetic processes that are carried out daily to show off ‘PER-FEC-TA’, not everything in her makeup is the work of a professional makeup artist, as the sister of the ‘K clan’ confessed that they have a simple trick to show off an enviable look.

Kim Kardashian’s secret to long eyelashes

Kimberly has shown that her tabs are from elements plus important in your beauty look and recently confirmed that he uses a cheap tool so that they look abundant and very long. It is a ‘mini comb’ (which you probably already know) that is often used for eyebrows.

This plastic instrument is a infallible to separate tab by tab to give the illusion that they are false, the good news is that it is very economical and easy to use.

How to apply mascara on the eyelashes to make them look long in the style of Kim Kardashian?

You should only apply two or three coats of mascara, make sure to use at least two different brushes, before the product dries we suggest comb it to style them in the direction you prefer, the most important thing is that you separate them.

Repeat this step as many times as necessary to have the effect ‘lash lifting’, that has become so popular this year. You, have you already tried this way of combing your eyelashes?


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