“Being a mother is really hard,” Kim Kardashian said on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Well, yes, even the most famous socialite in the world has to deal with the “pranks” of her 4 children, whom she had with her ex-husband Kanye West, on a daily basis. This time, in front of the paparazzi lens, Saint, who at 7 years old already seems to have a rather hot temper, received a scolding. After finishing a basketball game in Los Angeles, Kim and Kanye’s second son actually gave the paparazzi the middle finger and walked back to the car with his mother, giggling.

In response, Kim immediately scolded him, covering her face with her hand. But this isn’t the first time his kids have taunted the paparazzi with tasteless gestures. In fact, Saint seems to have taken inspiration from her older sister North, who has repeatedly flashed her middle finger in front of photographers’ lenses over the years. “Most of the photos (they took of us) were unusable because North stuck out his middle finger,” Kim herself said during another episode of the reality show. However, recently the eldest daughter seems to have gotten used to the photographs, passing the baton directly to her younger brother.

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