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Kim Kardashian shares a picture from her first photoshoot

kim kardashian, in a file photo

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Kim kardashian It is today one of the most famous ‘celebrities’ on the globe. And although she is not the most millionaire of her sisters – the podium is still firmly held by Kylie Jenner – her fortune is valued at more than a billion dollars. Quite an achievement considering the eternal criticism he has received for years where he is blamed for the fact that he has no defined talent. He is, without a doubt, and regardless of who he may, an icon of pop culture and international television … although it was not always like that. Before her famous covers in fashion magazines and imposing red carpet looks, she was also a famous pop-up who lived in the shadow of Paris Hilton – for whom she works doing the most unlikely tasks.

Last Monday, Kardashian remembered these times when she tried to make a hole in the Hollywood ‘stardom’ and dusted off a ‘behind the scenes’ of her first photoshoot. What a graphic gem! Proud, she announced this first job that did not see the light in any relevant cover of the time, so it is quite likely that it is a private portfolio belonging to her modeling career.

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Kris Jenner, your eternal support

In the snapshot we see her sheathed in a retro-inspired satin lingerie bustier That goes perfectly with her makeup and hairstyle, which were basically curls in the purest American ‘housewife’ style. Below, some ‘peep-toes’ with cream ankle straps and fishnet stockings. A ‘look’ that, although it has evolved in a notorious way over the years, is still very Kardashian.

Unsurprisingly, the comment section became abuzz with fans freaking out over the document that is at least 15 years old. That is, before the family program started. And of all the messages, the one from Kris jenner, mother and manager who has always supported and favored her daughter’s career. “You’re so cute,” he commented, inevitably reminding us of his famous meme “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.”

kim kardashian, in a file photo


Kris, as always, the best.

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