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Kim Kardashian shares the first photo of her new reality show

Last June the long-running program of Kim kardashian and his family, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. He did it after 20 seasons and 14 years on the ‘E!’ Network. After the news, we were all a little orphaned because, did this farewell mean the end of the most bizarre reality show on television? Exactly as you suspect, the answer is no. In December of last year they already confirmed that, despite this outcome, they had already signed a new exclusive contract with the Hulu platform, owned by the Walt Disney company. Can you imagine the fantasy? Well, as Kardashian herself published on her social networks, the filming of this new project has already begun, so we will not have to wait long to see what they have in their hands.

In fact, he also shared the first snapshot from recordingsAlthough it is not very revealing, it already warns us that everything is underway and that the sauce continues. Uhhhh. The photo itself is a microphone pouch used for recording on television sets — or at your mansion, if you are KimKa. The words “day 1” read on it.

kim kardashian, in a social media photo


What we know about the new family reality show

At the moment little (or rather nothing) is known about the plot that will cover this first season on Hulu, but we can assume that it will stick to the latest events in the Hollywood clan. For example, Kim’s controversial red carpet at the MET Gala – where he went with a hooded man who was not Kanye West -, his mediatic divorce with the rapper who has not stopped generating headlines since the beginning of the year or, for example, the second pregnancy and future delivery of Kylie jenner, who is currently pregnant.

What we do know is that the bar will be high. It was Kris Jenner herself, manager and mother of the little creatures, who confirmed last December that good content is coming:

“This is our next chapter. In the new program you will see us evolve as a family. The fans want us to be who we really are and that is how it will be from the first moment. All of them have been emotionally involved in our journey, just like us. I can’t say much about what’s next, but ‘spoiler’: we will be fabulous and everyone will see it ”.

What a queen. We will continue to report, obviously.

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