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It is nothing new that Kim Kardashian talk about your psoriasis. Since it is diagnosed with 25 years ago, the celebrity wanted to give visibility to this autoimmune disease that affects 2% of the population and that causes, among other things, red spots on the skin, peeling, itching and even inflammation of the joints.

Many have been the times in which the ‘klan’ most famous television has shown the whole world the evolution of his psoriasis. After an initial period of ignorance in which the very Kim he turned to Twitter for advice and recommendations, the median of the Kardashian has learned to live with this disease and has not hesitated to share with his followers images of the symptoms in your body and the remedies we have found over the years to soften them and hide them, such as, for example, the body makeup of his signature KKW Beauty.

However, the last public display that has made Kim Kardashian of the psoriasis has surprised many. Through the profile of Instagram of Pooshthe website of beauty and well-being of your sister Kourtney Kardashianthe famous entrepreneur has shared a photo of her without makeup to show the blemishes on your face and send a message of support to all people who suffer from this disease.

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“If you have psoriasisyou can’t let that ruin your life, or that it does not allow you to give the best of you,” begins the text that accompanies the image, and who invites all his followers to read the experiences of Kim Kardashian to treat your disease.

In the article, Kim detailing how it has dealt with the symptoms of psoriasis all these years. “It’s been 13 years since I suffered my first outbreak of psoriasis. My journey has been very different from my mother, but I also see many similarities. I had it on the scalp and throughout the body, he saw it all the time.”

Kim Kardashian it also speaks in the text of its spots, the most visible part of the disease. “Over the past eight years, even if the stains are unpredictable, I have always counted with my main point at the bottom of the right leg, which is always inflamed. I’ve learned to live with this point without using creams or medication. Sometimes I cover it and others do not. Really does not bother me”.

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Besides the treatments and home remedies which has been proven for psoriasis, Kim makes a special mention to one of the last chapters that more news has been generated. Since a few months ago it was rumored that the celebrity could have lupus. All of this was a result of a visit to the doctor after you notice new symptoms. “I woke up this morning and could not even lift my phone. It was driving Me crazy, I couldn’t even lift a toothbrush, I was hurt by the hands”. The results of the tests they did were positive in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. “Immediately I started to cry and I felt lost.”

After another visit, the doctors discovered that it was a false positive and told he has psoriatic arthritis. “It is still painful and scary, but I’m happy to have a diagnosis. No matter what autoimmune condition I had, I was going to overcome it”. To do this Kim Kardashian states that follow a diet healthy based, above all, in the consumption of vegetablesand to limit the stress your day-to-day.

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