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Kim Kardashian spoke for the first time about her divorce from Kanye West

On February 19, Kim Kardashian (40) filed for divorce from Kanye West (43). The couple separated after a marriage of 6 years and a relationship of 8. Together they have four children, two daughters and two sons, North West (7 years), Saint West (5 years), Chicago West (2 years) and Psalm West ( 1 year).

In the last season of the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim burst into tears talking about breaking up with the rapper. In the June 3, 2021 episode, the TV star talked about the reasons behind the divorce.

After an exaggerated reaction to an insignificant incident, Khloé Kardashian suggested that Kim’s nervous outburst was fueled by something else entirely. “Behind the scenes, Kim is having a private fight in the couple’s life.

Kim Kardashian spoke for the first time about her divorce from Kanye West

Clearly, Kim redirects that frustration, sadness and anger to other events that have nothing to do with real problems in her life “, Khloé confessed. Faced with Khloé, Kim confessed that things calmed down between her and Kanye.

Kim Kardashian spoke for the first time about her divorce from Kanye West

However, Khloé revealed that the TV star and the rapper “had a huge quarrel”. Later in the episode, video clips were included in which Kim is caught crying. He was joined by his sisters, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.

“I just can’t do that anymore,” Kim said. “Why am I still stuck in this place? He leaves and moves to another state every year. I have to stay with him to raise our children together. He is a great father, he has done wonderfully so far “, he continued.

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Kourtney assured Kim that the rapper will remain a good father even if they break up, stating that he was “better off without her” in Wyoming. “I think he deserves to be with someone who will support his every decision and follow him everywhere and move with him to Wyoming. I can not do that.

He should have a wife to support him and travel with him. I can not. Mă simt ca un nenorocit de eșec. It is my third marriage. Yes, I feel like a loser. I can’t even think about it. I want to be happy, “Kim said.

In the promo for the final episode, Kim added: “I always thought I could stay with the kids and my husband moved from state to state, and then I realized I didn’t get here just to get here. , without being happy ”.

A source close to the TV star revealed exclusively for E! News what are his plans after breaking up with the rapper. “Kim is not ready to go out on dates. This is not her focus now. He went through a very difficult year. She wants to focus on her and her children for now. ”

At the same time, Kim knows that her family and friends want to introduce her to potential new partners, but “she doesn’t put her energy in this direction at all, at least for now”. Another source said that the star “has the full support of the family and that a relationship is not on her radar. Children are the only focus. “

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