Kim Kardashian Super Luxurious Midnight Swim Bikini

“Night swim in Puglia”, night swim in Puglia. How Kim Kardashian on Instagram, he decides to talk about his night in Italy, very popular with celebrities this year. But, contrary to the caption, in the summary of photos of strokes in the water you do not see a single one: in their place are always perfect Kim that doesn’t forgo a touch of extra-luxury.

Either with one foot in the water, or lying on the edge of the pool, or on a white vintage bicycle with a basket – and with a rather cheerful look – all poses Kim but they have one thing in common: shiny bikini that shines in the darkness of the evening.

The nuance can be misleading and suggest that the micro bikini is designer. SKIMline Kim Kardashian, who has done several swimsuit designs with metallic tones; actually two-section branded Dolce & Gabbanaa brand so dear to the super-influencer who also signed the style of one of the brand’s latest fashion shows.

So here she is, in a classic two-piece laminated micro section, with a thong panty and embellished with the brand’s metallic logo on the triangular bikini strap.

Pyrotechnic effects look like something Kim he does not want to give up even on vacation. Even if doubts remain: the photo actually dates back to when the SKIMS founder was in Puglia for a fashion show. Dolce & Gabbana took place a month ago, Alberobello? In any case, even if it were a picture published later, there can be no doubt about the irrepressible desire on the part of Kim wear luxurious clothes even for a simple “swimming” under the stars. Simple, so to speak.

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