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Kim Kardashian surprises with her new release

Kim Kardashian has announced the arrival of a new collection in her clothing brand, “Skims”, which is based on a fashion that seems to have returned after several years. All the products in this new series will be exclusively to keep the user warm without losing style.

The fabric of the products will be the famous “Teddy”, which bears his name because of the similarity to the fur of the teddy. This fashion had begun to disappear since it was not liked by many, but it seems that Kim liked it so much that he decided to make it a trend again by creating a new collection.

The style of the new line is quite sporty, due to the lightness of the fabric. Although it is more than anything to be in the house or to go out for a walk, the businesswoman has decided that the models can withstand outdoor activities, so they protect the user from the high temperatures that arrive at night.

All the products are already available in the brand’s online store, which handles shipments to all parts of the world. To see the prices according to the country of origin, all you have to do is enter the location from which the account is made, so the original prices in dollars may affect the price of the value of the national currency.

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