Kim Kardashian talks about her new crush after Pete Davidson

about a year after the relationship ended Pete Davidsoninfluential and enterprising Kim Kardashian Looks like she has found another man who can make her heart skip a beat.

To say that she was just a sister courtney e Khloe Kardashian (Kendall’s in the family too And Kylie Jenner)in the last episode Of Who’s in my bathroom?, Hailey Bieber’s YouTube series. Kim tells her friend that she is interested in a man whose identity has not been disclosed.

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It all started as a game, asked by Justin Bieber’s wife during a game of “Truth or Shot” (aka “Truth or Drink”). Kim Who was his celebrity crush at that time.

“I drink because I want to,” the 42-year-old admitted shortly before taking a shot of 818 tequila, produced by her sister. Kendall, She is determined not to reveal the identity of this mysterious character she has a crush on. need not say the words spoken by Kim Kardashian An immediate “manhunt” ensued, though, as of now, there are no leads as to who the most famous daughter’s new crush might be. kris jenner,

Kim Kardashian talks about her new crush after Pete Davidson

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at the end of the marriage with Kanye West6 years of marriage and closes in February 2021 after four years Children ,AnswerSt, Chicago West E Hymn), followed by dating Pete Davidson for nine months (departed August 2022). silence for a year. but today reality star keeping up with the Kardashians She admits that she has found a man who is interested in her and would like to go on a date. For the time being, he has not yet dared to declare himself officially. Who will be the lucky one?

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