The first Louis Vuitton menswear show directed by Pharrell Williams took place in Paris last evening. The designer’s debut as creative director of the French fashion house has focused the spotlight on a new pattern that has revisited Louis Vuitton’s iconic damier motif. With Pharrell the checkerboard motif has been transformed into a pixelated camouflage pattern that has adorned the entire spring-summer 2024 men’s collection. Some already define it as “iconic”, but even those who could not help but notice the similarity of styles. Of the pixelated world of Minecraft, the famous sandbox adventure video game. Among the show’s guests, Kim Kardashian showed off a skin-tight dress that reflected the pixelated patterns of the new collection.

Sporty crop top, leggings and a large faux fur pouch tied at the belt. Kim Kardashian completed the look in athleisure with transparent open-toe heels and a maxi faux fur coat, leaving her long hair loose. On Twitter, negative comments directed at her outfit went insane, begging her to find another stylist and calling her look “the worst ever”. «That cheap spandex is a disaster» wrote one user, quoting Beyonce’s “Heated” song, while another commented “Help, why does this look like a Minecraft character?”.

There are also comments that compare Kim’s current style to when her ex-husband Kanye West was her stylist. During their nearly decade-long romance, the Yeezy founder has dressed Kardashian in some of her most iconic looks, cementing her role as a true trendsetter. In fact, Kim herself admitted that her divorce in 2021 triggered “panic attacks” without Kanye as her stylist.

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