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Kim Kardashian’s surprising statement regarding her relationship with alcohol – Para Ti

The celebrity made a post on Instagram in which she surprised her followers by recounting an anecdote in her youth, involving her sister Kourtneyy at the University of Arizona. .

Kim kardashian surprised by making statements regarding his relationship with alcohol and parties.

Rapper Kanye WEST’s Former Partner, Like His Sisters Kourtney, Khlo√©, Kendall and Kylie It is usually related to crazy and luxurious parties. However, a recent confession surprised his fans. And it is that according to the businesswoman announced, she does not like alcohol or uncontrolled parties.

Apparently a bad experience in Kim’s youth made him never want to have that kind of fun. What’s more, the businesswoman blamed her sister for it. Kourtney Yet the University of Arizona. It was a visit by the businesswoman to the campus where her sister was studying that ended up frightening her, she said.

Wild parties he did not participate in

Through your Instagram account, Kim kardashian wrote: “The University of Arizona personally took it upon themselves to keep me from becoming a party girl. I remember going to campus to see Kourt and having to be the designated host. I ended up hating all those wild parties so much that I ended up staying home and I never wanted to drink or party again. So thank you University of Arizona, I never studied with you, but you changed my life. “

Focused on work and raising children

The businesswoman has focused more on her business, on raising her children and has moved away from parties. However, her sisters Kendall and Kylie if they show they are more comfortable with going out, hanging out with friends and even drinking from time to time a little sip.

Even Kylie and Kendall Jenner got drunk while recording a tutorial and the video later went viral. In this way showing that they are not afraid of what they will say and that they are not depriving themselves of anything.

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