Kimberly Loaiza and his best bikinis


Kimberly Loaiza and your best photos of bikini | Instagram

The nice, older, Kimberly Loaiza, shared by you social networks a couple of pictures to show his body bikini and indeed, continue to have a beautiful body after pregnancy, there is no doubt that it had a huge body, this time, where you have more publications of this kind.

A bikinis we are certainly not to forget, he used in one of his videos where this happened 24 hours on an island with his now fiance, Juan de Dios Pantoja.

Such a bikini was black with two parts that have timed perfectly to her figure, she was wearing as a pareo to the same color of the suit.

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The interpreter “And don’t be jealous“He also wore a swimsuit in red a piece of but well his body, for he was only a piece, it seemed that he was two, because it was glued on the back, so that the part before discovery.

The black color is definitely Kimberly Shine, because she loves apparently the bikini in this color, but the details bring out the power and make your body perfect in this occasion, it was a bikini two parts with bare shoulders, and the pose that he was wearing, he wears a the body is phenomenal.

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Other bikinis, which surprised all of his followers was a style, pin-up green, which is always a lot to do with the color of his hair at the time and his silhouette. The bikini had shoot highwhat is proven completely.

He has also decided to be a little more discreetlike a swimsuit completely, and once again the black color, which did not stop despite of their simplicity to fascinate his disciples.

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One of the last photos he shared his Instagram in a bikini, it was in the month of september, when she was holiday in Miami and here you can see that your body is still curved, because he had already Kimathis time she wore a bikini in black with a high waist and with a good tan, the Shine, in fact, with his blond hair.