Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja are getting married!

After months of controversy over infidelities, the YouTubers surprised their fans with a surprise wedding

After being estranged for a moment due to the rumors and the various controversies that emerged in the media, Kimberly Loaiza and Juan De Dios Pantoja have returned to stay. And it was thanks to his unexpected news that his millions of followers were surprised and very happy.

In previous months the couple had a very uncomfortable and unfortunate moment because after videos were leaked where supposedly the singer had also been unfaithful to the influencer, they decided to move away for a while. However, they have already been able to fix all the misunderstandings and arguments and in recent days they surprised all their followers by joining in marriage.

Despite the fact that the celebration was a small gathering in the garden of his house and with very close people, the event was surrounded by a lot of affection, and the bride and groom accompanied by their beautiful little girl. The now husbands indicated that they would love to take their marriage to church soon since for now and due to the pandemic, they could only join civilly.

“I am very determined, this is something we have wanted for a long time and the woman demanded the piece of paper from me,” said Juan de Dios when starting his video for the YouTube channel that they both have together.

Of course, his followers were very happy to hear the news and in a matter of seconds, good wishes and congratulations began to emerge for the couple.

“Those of us who have followed them since they started to know everything they have been through and have fought to fulfill their dreams and goals. Congratulations!” some of the oldest followers commented in the video.


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