Kimberly Loaiza explains that she is alone

A few days ago, Kimberly Loaiza surprised her Instagram followers by sharing a story of being hugged by a man who then asked her, “I love you,” raising suspicions that she would tell others.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant decided to break her silence and count on her community of this red socialite – Andres Chavarria, the mystery man with whom she was very happy and, in truth, she is not alone.

“I want to touch on the topic, because I said I didn’t touch on the topic, but once again I want to decide, I have nothing new,” he began with the words in the story, which suffered from the delay of this miracle.

“I had a great laugh and it washed over me until I ended up with Chava, oh my god, I’m 18 years old. This is my love and obviously I want to tell you that I love you with all the love in the world, this is not my blood, this is my love,” he said.

Kim said dear that you don’t understand that I am capable of sentimentally connecting her with someone, that you can’t date your male friends because people think badly.

The lady agreed that in the morning, when she meets her blue prince, she will shout it to all four winds, but now they will tell you about it.

“They follow me when I come with friends because I’m very friendly and that doesn’t mean I have to keep anything with me or the sea, no no. Ahorita I am focused on my own affairs, not ready for anything, not looking for a relationship. I am very excited, as I said, and I promise that today I will meet someone and formally tell you: “My love, do you want to be new to me?”, I share this exciting moment with you, but this is not the case. “I won’t be ready,” I say.

She is one of the most popular models and influencers for many, so few believe that she has never met a man who loves her, her hair and appreciates her the way he deserves.

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