Kimberly Loaiza is accused of copying Kylie Jenner


Kimberly Loaiza again made it, is on everyone’s lips, and the fact is that, this time, it’s being accused of copying the famous socialite Kylie Jenneronce you’ve done a photo-shoot.

These photos were taken by the Valentine’s daythe dress she wore was red, cut, mermaid, strapless, with an opening in the lower leg, very similar to what gold Has, for the feast of the Vanity Fair.

Without a doubt, the publication had obtained a good feedback up until the time with the most two million of taste, and hundreds of thousands of customers, but not all of them were good, many were not reviews for the influencer to copy it to a new account in your photographs.

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And the fact is that, for the past few months, fans of the Kylie Jenner accused by Kimberly Moniz in a copy of the business in many ways, as well as the clothes, the pictures, even on the lips.

HAPPY DAY OF LOVE, remember, love, you, first of all, the love is the most important thing of all, you know that I’m not the most expressive, but I swear to you that I love you all very much, thank you for being my LINDURAS,” wrote Kim in the publication.

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The description of the publication, and was harshly criticized by the so-called photoshop, which the youtuber had used it, many of you have commented that you do not have the right to write it.

Words of self-love, and will not be accepted as it is, you do not have the law,” he commented.

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The one that most highlights the people, is that in a couple of days ago, However, apparently, told Kenya that You wear a red dress and sitting next to the baby, and her boyfriend, in the style of Kylie now that she’s going to copy it with clothes on, and even the same pose.

What happened to my kimbs not be reached for a slip of red had warned me, and I will pay some of the help to them to take off the rubber band so that it will be as well. You already know the other one,” said a young girl in the post.

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The photo has caused controversy due to a section of the people accusing the YouTuber of the the excess of photoshop in many parts of the body, such as in many of her photo-shoots before.

As if that wasn’t enough, he was not only maligned by their imitation for Case but that is just a few days ago has also received criticism for stealing the look of the singer Danna Paola.