King’s Birthday Party, Over 2,500 Guests Toast King Charles III in Rome

Rome – More than 2,500 guests will toast the health of the new monarch, King Charles III, for the first time king’s birthday party over seventy years, according to tradition, The British Ambassador to Italy, Edward Llewellyn, opened the doors of the luxurious Villa Volkonsky residence to friends from the United KingdomBritish, Italians and the international community, for the fourth Italian phase of the celebration of the King’s Birthday Party, the traditional garden party that celebrates the sovereign’s official birthday and marks the United Kingdom’s National Day.

The Roman appointment will be followed by events in Venice on 24 May, in Milan on 6 June and in Florence on 20 June, and will be followed by a final event in Naples (28 June).

This year, a very special occasion has been added to the traditional celebrations surrounding the coronation of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey. Ambassador Llewellyn and his guests were followed by a global ceremony on May 6 in the gardens of the Villa Volkonsky, which had hosted the then Prince Charles several times during his nineteen visits to Italy.

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The King’s birthday party in Rome, hosted by the British ambassador Lord Llewellyn, was attended by about 2,500 guests. Politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs and ministers, including Minister of Justice Nordio, Minister of Health Schillaci, Minister of Made in Italy Urso, were able to immerse themselves and fully savor the atmosphere of the British Garden Party.
In addition to traditional canapés – the devil on horseback cannot be missing – Scottish salmon, Welsh cheeses and Wilkin & Sons sauce, But there was also an all-Italian touch: with amatriciana Visited by then Prince Charles in 2017, less than a year after the devastating 2016 earthquake and Parmigiano Reggiano paired with Scotch whiskey, but also Pimms, Gin & Tonic, Babington Tea and Samosas for a multicultural touch.
Guests were greeted by the Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland dressed in traditional Scottish livery to a swing to the beat of Elton John and Amazing Grace. The music then continued throughout the evening: a military band followed by a representative of the Luigi Antonio Sabbatini Musical Association performed a medley of Adele and Ed Sheeran.

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following a speech by Ambassador Llewellyn and crown cake cutting, the traditional sunset ceremony, the Sunset Ceremony and the poignant Beat the Retreat, also by the Royal Regiment of Scotland. The traditional performance of the hymns by the British Embassy Choir, directed by maestro Andrea Rossi, was impeccable. To follow, a DJ set by DJ Lau, always on British Music.
The notes did not stop even for the extravagant projections on the façade of the villa, a Photos of Prince Charles in Italy after the Coronation Concert Medley Provided by the Ansa agency archive, and shots of some of the most important moments for bilateral relations between Italy and the United Kingdom during the past year. With a Neronian aqueduct, beams of light, excerpts from HM King Charles III’s coronation speech and projections to the beat of Depeche Mode. There was no shortage of Union Jack flags and emblems from recent coronations. The evening concluded with a performance of traditional tunes by the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Ambassador Edward Llewellyn commented on the occasion of the evening: “It is an honor and a pleasure to host so many friends from the UK at Villa Volkonsky, Since my arrival in Italy I have been struck by the affection that so many Italians show for my country: firstly for the respect and closeness to the death of our sovereign, the much beloved Queen Elizabeth II, and more recently Coronation of King Charles III. The renewed closeness between our two countries is demonstrated by the recent visit of Prime Minister Georgia Meloni to London. On that occasion, he signed a Memorandum of Understanding with our Prime Minister, which sets the course for our cooperation in all fields, in the years to come. But King Charles is actually a great lover of Italy: in fact, as Prince of Wales, Charles has been to Italy 20 times, from Milan to Ischia, from Venice to Florence, from Amatrice to Rome. Toasting with you today has a special flavor, precisely because of our sovereign’s relationship with this beautiful country of yours.”

Initiative in support of sustainability, in line with the values ​​espoused by His Majesty King CharlesAt the event: presentation of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, a project launched in 2020 by the then Prince of Wales at the World Economic Forum in Davos to drive the private sector’s transition to a more sustainable future, followed by contributions from Treedom, This year too, she supported the event by donating a forest and inviting guests to adopt a tree.

The King’s Birthday Party (KBP) in Rome is part of the Great Government Campaign The King’s Birthday Party (KBP) is part of the Great Government Campaign. British diplomatic representation in Italy During the summer, dedicate yourself to diversity, sustainability, research, business relationships, inclusion, music, cinema and culture.

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Today is “a historic occasion, the first time in 70 years we celebrate the birthday of an English monarch” and so “tonight we begin a new kingdom, a new chapter, a new era also in relations between Italy and the United Kingdom”. In”, says Ambassador Llewellyn, “but one thing is certain, we are building on a very solid foundation”.

The ambassador says that the Westminster floor on which “the centerpiece of King Charles’s coronation was placed” was made by Italian craftsmen 800 years ago, and is a fine example of what we British and Italians can do.

Llewellyn explains that the sovereign, “loves Italy, has already made 20 visits to Italy and is a living symbol of this bond”.

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