KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Seeks to Sell His Beverly Hills Mansion for $ 25 Million

Gene Simmons continues to insist on the sale of his Beverly Hills mansion.

The interpreter decided to raise the price of the luxurious mansion he owns in California, which was turned into a real museum where his group was paid tribute

Gene Simmons, 71, who is part of the group KISS, does not give up hope of selling his luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, California, at the price he wants.

To live proof of the above is the risky move he made a few days ago, as he decided to increase his economic claims after the recent renovations he made to his home since 1984.

According to the Internet portal TMZ, the musician relaunched his property to the market for $ 25 million dollars, while in October 2020, as we announced, he was offering it for $ 22 million dollars.

The reason why it raised its value is that Gene decided to make a drastic transformation of it, which included removing any trace that linked his house to the successful band.

“Our sources say the house was almost like a miniature KISS museum, with four of the seven rooms decorated with all kinds of band gear,” TMZ reported.

The house draws attention for its French doors and for being surrounded by large windows, which allow natural lighting to pass through. One of the windows is so extensive that it goes from floor to ceiling.

According to the datasheet, the luxurious residence, for which he paid $ 1.34 million dollars at the time, has seven bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a dining room, a dining room, a living room, the main room, with family room, among other rooms.

The kitchen, which is equipped with a white pantry and laminate floors, has enough space for a central island that serves for preparing food, but also as a breakfast bar.

One of the seven bedrooms was transformed by Gene and his wife, Shannon Tweed, into an authentic KISS museum, where the interpreter kept records, awards, souvenirs, and various outfits, but all that is history.

Outside it has a pool with a slide, Jacuzzi, spa area, terraces with various garden furniture, tennis court, extensive green areas, and parking for at least 35 vehicles.

This is the second property that Shannon Tweed’s husband is looking to sell so far this year because a few weeks ago we let you know that he had gotten rid of the one he had in the Hollywood Hills.

The house was sold for $ 2 million dollars last February, which represented a profit of $ 600 thousand dollars, since he paid, in 2014, a total of $ 1.4 million dollars.

The reason why the leader of KISS offered his properties to the highest bidder is due to his intention to move to Washington in order to stop paying very high taxes in California, as it is an issue that already has him tired.