“Kissing Scarlett Johansson Was Absolute Hell For Me”

If you were expecting a behind-the-scenes harmony similar to filmy kisses, you were sorely mistaken! Subject “Kiss” It’s always a little delicate because moments that appear romantic on the big screen are far less romantic in reality: Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth’s words in The Hunger Games and Matt Damon’s also confirm this!

But who was Damon’s unfortunate accomplice? None other than Scarlett Johansson! In fact, it looks like kissing the actress for Damon has proved to be a “different” experience than the high expectations. The two actors starred together in the comedy We Bought a Zoo, which is about a man who buys a dilapidated zoo after his wife dies. Damon and Johansson kiss in the movie and the actors joke Says of that very romantic moment that “it was hell” indeed, But what’s the story behind the fateful kiss between Matt Damon and Johansson?

,We went to lunch and both he and I thought it was over. He had an onion sandwich for lunch , Damon told LadyBible in a promotional interview for Oppenheimer Cameron Crowe set up the camera and there was a close up of kissAnd she was like, ‘Oh shit, I literally just ate an onion sandwich!Onion-flavored kiss for Matt Damon!

Damon will hit the big screen this summer as Leslie Groves, the military officer in charge of the Manhattan Project in Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster arriving in Italy on July 23rd: Damon was also the protagonist of an amusing anecdote told by Emily Blunt on the set of Oppenheimer!

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