Klimahouse Prize 2023, the names of the winners revealed

In a scenario where the future of Green Architecture is increasingly oriented towards self-sufficiency, innovation, the circular economy and the ability to evolve the market stand out. It is precisely on these fronts that i candidates of the Klimahouse Prize, an increasingly coveted recognition in the sector, challenged each other.

For the jury, chaired by Professor Niccolò Aste of the Milan Polytechnic, in fact, it was not easy to decree the winners among the best sustainable building realities present at Klimahouse who applied in the Innovation, Circle, Market Performance and Startup categories.

For the Innovation category, aimed at products/services that have been able to bring about significant technological innovation in their reference sector, moving forward the horizon of obtainable technical-economic performance and quality, the winner is SOGIMI with Skala Bauteile GmbH. Motivation of the jury: the photovoltaic component specially developed for architectural integration allows the traditional vertical envelope to be transformed into an energy generator. It has special connection hooks that allow the creation of a ventilated facade, facilitate architectural integration and at the same time guarantee high ease of assembly as well as future inspection of the component.

For the Circle category, aimed at products/services that stand out for their strong commitment to the circular economy, the protection of the environment and people’s health, through the use of renewable, organic, recyclable or recycled materials, the winner is Calchèra San Giorgio with Calcedicampo Bio-Intonaco. Motivation of the jury: this natural plaster is made up of a balanced compound of recycled materials, derived from the agri-food chain and from bricks, such as pure natural lime and sand from egg shells, amorphous ashes from rice husks and cocciopesto. The component is characterized by high breathability such as to minimize the phenomena of surface condensation.

For the Market Performance category, aimed at products that have demonstrated their ability to meet and satisfy the needs of large segments of users, obtaining a large diffusion on the market and assuming a reference role for the sector, with particular regard to the aspects of sustainability and energy efficiency, the winner is Poron group with Neodur WTRX A. Motivation of the jury: NEODUR WTRX A+ is an insulation with embossing and break cuts in expanded polystyrene obtained from renewable raw materials deriving from biomass, such as by-products of organic waste. This system makes it possible to satisfy the ever-increasing need to insulate buildings while minimizing the impact on natural resources.

Finally, for the Startup category, dedicated to emerging entrepreneurial/business realities, capable of offering highly innovative services/products, the winner is Nazena. Motivation of the jury: Nazena is a deep-tech upcycling company that brings sustainability to the fashion industry by giving new life to textile waste through an innovative patented process. Thanks to the recycling of textile fibers, Nazena transforms industrial textile waste and used clothes into new products. A circular economy solution to lead the fashion sector to innovation and sustainability.

Alongside Professor Aste, the jury called to the important selection phase is made up of experts in the energy-building-environment sector engaged in research and development projects and realizations of international scope such as Prof. Andrea Gasparella, Free University of Bolzano, Wolfram Sparber, Institute of Renewable Energy EURAC research, Arch. Ute Oberrauch, Studio Ute Oberrauch, Ulrich Klammsteiner, Technical Director of CasaClima Agency, Ing. Oscar Stuffer, Solarraum, and the young juror under 35, Arch. Chiara Lentini. To these are added the special juror for the Startup category, Stefano Dal Savio, Head of Tech Transfer Green – NOI Techpark. The three start-up finalists were selected by Niccolò Aste, Stefano dal Savio, Eva Ogriseg, CEO TBA – Tyrolean Business Angel network, Luca Barbieri – blum.vision, Thomas Mur – Director of Fiera Bolzano and Enrico Deluchi – General Manager PoliHub.

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