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November 12, 2021 painted to be a quiet day in terms of news from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM). It was known that this day Shang-Chi was released on the Disney Plus platform and they took the opportunity to publish a new preview of Hawkeye, soon to premiere on the same service on the 24th of this month.

On the series that will focus on knowing part of the individual history of Clint Barton and that will present Kate Bishop, it was reiterated that its premiere will be with the first two episodes. In addition, they reported that the critics had access to them and the first impressions are really positive. Many singled out Hailee Steinfeld’s work as the new throw arrows. So far, so good, a normal day.

However, under the framework of the Disney + Day celebration, they decided (once again) to flood the Internet with advertisements, some more surprising than the others. Specific, Marvel reported news of 13 productions they are working on and that will be exclusive to Disney Plus.

So, let’s get to know in detail each of these news that Marvel Studios has for us and for which we are surely already renewing the annual Disney Plus subscription.

Marvel Studios ads

Among the Marvel announcements the first thing to note is that it finally begins to introduce mutants into its universe. He will do so with a modest animated series that will follow a production from the 90s: X-Men ’97.

In the same Disney + Day announcements, Marvel revealed the first images of Moon Knight and the first teaser of She-Hulk with the presence of the Bruce Banner played by Mark Ruffalo.

As it appears in the posts that Disney published on his Twitter account, we also got to enjoy the first preview of Iman Vellani playing Kamala Khan / Ms Marvel.

Other Marvel series that were already announced, such as Secret Invasion, made a modification to their logo and this one in particular published a photograph of Nick Fury that we will see in his adventure with the Skrulls.

Iron Heart, where we will see the return of the iron armor created by Tony Stark, also revealed a modification to its logo. The I Am Groot series did something similar.

New series

In reference to the new series there are announcements that surprised and rumors that were confirmed. The first is that of the Wandavision spin-off: Agatha Harkness. The criticism was benevolent with this new character that Marvel introduced with the Scarlet Witch and the award for this acceptance is to give him a complete production to tell the story of this witch.

The second season of What If …? and a series that will talk about a scenario that was presented in the multiverse lines that The Watcher observed: Marvel Zombies.

Finally, one of the most surprising announcements was that of a Spider-Man animated series that will be called Freshman Year. It is not the first series of the wall-crawler at Disney, since there are several animated productions on the platform. However, it is the first to have the direct hand of Marvel Studios or Disney Entertainment.

In this sense, a character who has been said little and now we are going to meet will also be introduced: Echo. This is a superhero who appears in a supporting role in Daredevil. So it kind of confirms that Marvel is getting deeper into the allies that Spider-Man constantly has by his side.

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