Know the Five Types of Hepatitis

Chihuahua.- The IMSS in Chihuahua has alerts for five types of hepatitis.

Dr. Brenda Ramírez Vega, Auxiliary Coordinator of Public Health, commented that five hepatitis viruses have been identified, classified by the letters A, B, C, D and E.

They both cause liver disease but differ in route of transmission, clinical manifestations, response to treatment, prognosis and preventive measures, he mentions the following:

The hepatitis A virus is almost always spread by drinking contaminated water or food, and in many cases the infection is mild and there is a vaccine to prevent it.

In the case of hepatitis B viruses, which are transmitted through infected blood, semen, and body fluids, they can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer; as with type A, there is a vaccine to prevent it.

In the case of the hepatitis C virus, they are usually transmitted through infected blood, either through a blood transfusion or a contaminated injection when using medications, or through a contaminated piercing placed in the same way, which can cause as well as hepatitis B hepatitis, Cirrhosis and liver cancer; however, there is no vaccine for this condition.

For the hepatitis D virus, which occurs in people infected with the hepatitis B virus, it spreads through blood or other infected body fluids, and a good preventative measure is to get the hepatitis B vaccine because it protects against hepatitis D.

The hepatitis E virus, which is found in the faeces of infected people and is almost always spread by drinking contaminated water, is usually mild and treatable.

Finally, Ramirez Vega urged people to have the right to have an annual health check, which can be done in the Prevenimss module located at UMF in the state, in order to always enjoy good health.

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