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it has been established around the world WhatsApp As the leading instant messaging application. It is without a doubt the most used app and although it is a highly competitive field, it is still better than other apps like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

WhatsApp is constantly updated to provide users with a better experience and provide them with new conversation tools. For example, the company recently announced that they are looking into options for playing app audio in the background, Lets you navigate your smartphone among other apps without listening to what WhatsApp itself is telling you. So news and tips on running the world’s leading messaging app are constantly being discovered.

The ultimate secret to getting the most out of WhatsApp

One of the new features that the app has recently included is knowing the location of your contacts without them realizing it. Do you want to know how it works?

For example, one of the situations where they show this technique is useful is when you know where you met the person, but you don’t know how to get to the right place. You can share your location in real time or share your current location.

If you want to know the location of your WhatsApp contacts without their knowledge, you should do this:

1.- Both devices must be connected to WhatsApp Web with Windows 10 or higher operating system.

2.- Close all open tabs and click on the conversation of the user whose location you want to know.

3.- Press Command Control + Alt + Del and then press Win + R to enter “Run”.

4.- When it gives you the write option, type “cmd” and press Enter, then type “netstat -an” and then type it again

5.- After that you will see the person’s IP, which you can find on any website that provides such data to know the person’s location.

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