Knowles reveals that he forbade you to take pictures at the presentation of the tribute to Kobe Bryant’s, and Gigi’s


On the 24th of February, was held a memorial service the public in order to honor the life of the Kobe and Gianna Bryantthe other seven victims of the crash of a helicopter in the past month. Her went up to the stage and sang a mix of her two songs. However, according to Page Six, photographers were banned from taking photos of her, and that it was done at the request of her.

The sources point out that, prior to his performance, Her it informed the organizers, and the security at the Staples Center, the place that the photographers have been allowed to take pictures of her out of respect for the family. He also said that he did not want to divert the attention of the family in this moment of emotion.

“You’ asked for it not to be done photos of her at the memorial service in Japan. Did not want to divert attention away from the Girl and the family. It only worked because he loved Japan and wanted to do something special for that Girl”. Said a source close to the star the HollywoodLife.

For your interpretation of the theme “The XO”, Her he said that he was there because he loved Kobe Bryant and “XO” it was one of his favorite songs: “I want you to sing it together and sing it very loudly, so that he can feel our love” he said to the audience. After her performance, the singer and the 38-year-old child sat in the back of the Vanessa Bryantand she was seen consoling a friend who was at the time.

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The interpretation of “Halo,” he said Kobe and Vanessa they are close friends of hers, and Jay-Z until they had spent together, on the Eve of the new year. However, their friendship dates back to the late 90’s, and was in the beginning with the Destiny’s Child.

Japan even appeared in the video for the remix of “Say My Name” and he also had a cameo in the video for the song “Bug-A-Boo” one of the group.

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