Knowles told of his struggle to become pregnant: “for I have Suffered many miscarriages and I have learned that being number one is not a priority”


Beyonce has opened up her heart to ELLE. The singer responded to questions that his fans have given him throughout the course of these months, social networking, and e-mail address in the new publication.

One more way to get closer to Her, he discovers moments that are so crucial to their lives and the issues that it had to be in order to get pregnant the first time. And the fact is that this is not the first time that the artist speaks about the abortion that you suffered from before you take their daughter, Blue “The fact of suffering several miscarriages, it showed me that I was to be a mother to myself before I do it to someone else. After that, I had my daughter in Blue, and the pursuit of purpose has become even more profound. I renacĂ­ my wedding to Be the one you have is no longer my top priority.”

A new way of looking at life, and they became his family, his highest priority: “In the end, the more happy it makes me to be is a mother. To make sure that I am there for my children: to lead the Blue to a school, or a Rumi’s and you Sir, on your business, looking for a place to hang out with my husband and get home to have dinner with the family… if you Fit these parts, it’s nerve-wracking, but it seems to me that this is the life of a working mother”.

And that is what being a mom has changed the view of the world: “After giving birth to Blue, I realized that mission is to use my art to reflect the style, elegance and attraction is present in both men and women of color. We live in an era of great advancement for the acceptance of the other. I am very proud of the progress around the collective of the LGBTQIA. Masculinity is redefined,” and adds: “The women we were raised to endure and to take care of anyone else but ourselves. I’m not like that. After a difficult pregnancy, it took me a year to take care of my own health.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z were married in 2003, in a ceremony that was intimate and secret, is in his own department, the district, Tribecca, New York city. It was in front of about 40 guests, among whom were George Clooney and Chris Martin. The logistics of privacy was such that not even a single photo from the wedding that got up to in 2014. Then, and only then, they, themselves have shared a few on the big screen, and during the tour, On the Run, and while they were singing a duet, between the United States and in Paris, france.

Blue Ivy, their first child, a daughter, was born in January of the following year, at the Lenox Hill hospital in New York city, and later to pre-buy an apartment and set up a transaction in a security that is unprecedented. “Welcome to the world princess Carter. If you want to, your aunt’s on the burger king menu,” he wrote in the massive Cheating in Twitter account. Minutes before that, Gwyneth Paltrow is adelantara to tell them your name: “welcome to the world of Blue. And we love you!”.

With the arrival of the twins? A lot after that. Beyonce had the pregnancy of your account of Instagram, which, in the fall of 2017 had a 92.3 million followers. “We have been blessed, doubly so. We are incredibly grateful to our family, to go on to grow for the two of them. Thank you for your good wishes, posteaba in the social network, a photo, an ethereal, and florida, which have never and the goddess of fertility.