Knows the model might be stealing the heart Noah Centineo


Fans have shared the evidence that Noah Centineo is going out with this girl…

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Since Noah played Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys that I Fell in love, we stole completely from the heart!, his great charm and charisma that made his huge army of fans call him the “boyfriend of the internet”, but it seems that he only wants to be the boyfriend of a girl.

It is Alexis Rena beautiful model of 22 years old who has participated in the program DWTS, and according to fans, it is robbing the heart to Noah!

The rumors began when Noah and Alexis they were seen on an alleged quote in Vancouver, and although there are no photos that prove it, the fans realized that they were both at the same time in Los Angeles, and this post on Instagram of Alexis, is an evidence for the fans they were together.

We are now going to see someone that we’ve been missing and we’re very excited“.

After the weekend in Los Angeles, fans have managed to see Noah and Alexis through the streets of Vancouver and in some coffee shops, so that fans are convinced that have begun to emerge.

Do you believe that Noah has finally found love in Alexis?

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