Koh-Lanta 2020 : Denis Brogniart is responding to the thing with the bikini Ines


The 2020 edition Koh-Lanta is already genret rich in stories. One of the highlights of this new cuvée-adventurer is causing the hum by Ines and his Jersey. A thing enough, viral, today Denis Brogniart respond to the question.

The cuvée 2020 Koh-Lantait is definitely not finished. If the famous “Ah,” Denis Brogniart, entered into legend, about to regret it today, his response, the candidate the writing in each season, new lines in the legend Koh-Lanta. And in this year, there will be very strong. The adventurer Ahmad has smart as never to do the elimination of Teheiura a competitor was more than serious. These viewers crazy combined for the candidate, the cause of this displacement, death threats in social networks. Another highlight : the buzz-factor without your knowledge of Inès in the first episode because of… a swimsuit. In 18 years at the time of presentation of the consignment, with the iconic chain, the presenter had such a situation. I have to say that the buzz around this thing has unleashed to the masses. It is in this context that the Dijonnais wanted the dot on the i.

Three times nothing

It is in the columns of our colleagues Tele-Leisure that Denis Brogniart decided to clarify this matter once and for all. The moderator has to be a lack of understanding communicated to the public reaction. ” I have not absolutely understood ! His bathing suit was very classic except that, if, if you do a little sports, and you have bounced the po, the physical fact that your Jersey fits a little in the butt. Therefore, this swimsuit was not really suitable, and as I was the first soon to this game, I realized struck, Inès put a shorty, a little more wrapping “the host began. Before you continue -” Not do, three times, nothing a thingnot to forget is that on all the beaches of France, the fashion in a bathing suit identical to Ines. I rather like to remember that Inés nurse réanimatrice and saves the life of people, the victims of the coronavirus. She is also an adventurer from an au-pair on the tests “. And the Dijon is right. The nurse is at the present time, in the first line in this fight against an invisible enemy. In this context the thing with the bathing suit appears to us to be far, far