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Do you like original adventure games combined with a large dose of survival? Do you want to test yourself in the winter scenery of Canada, not only survive, but also solve the mystery of the disturbing and strange disappearance of the inhabitants of a small settlement? Kôna’s game is a great choice. Click Kôna download and go to the seventies of the last century. Survive in the winter conditions of the Canadian region, solve an unusual puzzle and win.

Kona PC Game Download Full Version

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Kona game is an interesting project of the Canadian band Parabole. It is based in Quebec City. The importance of this information is great, because it is in these regions that the game takes place. To explain its plot, however, one has to go back to the past of the settlement and the conflict that has existed in it for years.

The action of the game begins in October 1970, when the first signs of a harsh Canadian winter appear in Canada. The plot focuses on the conflict between the Cree community and the richest man living in these areas, a millionaire who owns a number of very profitable copper mines. Residents of the community accuse him of destroying holy places in the area for the sole purpose of profit. One day, a millionaire discovers that someone has destroyed his summer cottage in the mountains. Of course, the people of Cree aren’t particularly surprised, although they have no idea who might have done it.

The millionaire considers such an event a slight exaggeration and decides to hire a private investigator to find the culprit. This detective is Carl Faubert, a war veteran who has decided to become a private investigator. Carl is actually us because this is the character we are going to control. We observe the game from the level of the protagonist’s eyes, and it is he who has to survive and solve the mystery. The puzzle, which turns out to be more complicated than it may seem, is not only about finding the perpetrator of the destruction of the house. Carl Faubert is supposed to be hired for that purpose, but when he arrives, he is surprised to discover that no one is there. Both the millionaire disappeared, which could still be explained, but so did the entire community of the town, which is now inexplicable. Carl Faubert,

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Our task is not only to survive in winter scenery, frosty weather and a lot of snow, but also to solve the mystery of the disappearance of everyone who lived in this place. To do this, the player must explore the game area, finding, among other things, a number of evidence that could help solve the puzzle. It is equipped with a camera and a notebook. After collecting enough evidence, scenes from the past are recreated, which is very helpful in solving the puzzle.

A separate topic is concern for the protagonist’s survival. It deals not only with unfavorable weather, but also with predators and characters from legends. Of course, neither the predator nor the legendary characters from the legends have any intention other than to kill our hero. Of course, he has to defend himself. However, weapons are difficult to access, so in most cases he has to rely more on his cunning. The will to survive or the ability to cope with frosty weather, snowstorms and other surprises that the weather brings is not enough. The weather may be our enemy, but death may come for a completely different reason. Surviving, a goal that you simply have to achieve, will no doubt not be easy, which only adds to the game’s appeal.

Kôna Download . By clicking on this link you will test the game that you will surely like. Excellent gameplay, interesting plot, fascinating views of Canada’s winter scenery are just a few of the advantages of this game. Discover them all by downloading Kôna download . The game is a great alternative to the obvious and not always exciting games. It’s different here. Interesting scenery, a puzzle to be solved, the solution of the puzzle itself and not as easy as it may seem, is a guarantee of interesting entertainment and many hours spent on this game. It is worth finding out about it.

Kona PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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